Trump Calls For Government Shutdown To ‘Fix Mess’

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President Donald Trump is allegedly not happy with the recent deal by Congress to fund the federal government through September.

Even though the budget deal of $1 trillion is quite hefty it does not include funding for the border wall and funding for border security in general was not prioritized in the budget deal. There also was not a cut in the budgets of the EPA and State Department as Donald Trump had suggested.

Now, it is reported that Trump believes that in order to deal with the “mess” a government shutdown needs to be enacted.

“Our country needs a good ‘shutdown’ in September to fix mess!” Trump tweeted on Tuesday according to New York Times.

If Trump doesn’t sign the funding bill then it will force a government shutdown. This shutdown can happen as soon as this week but it is reported that Trump has stated that even though he is unhappy with the budget deal he will still sign it.

However, congress can expect a shake up in 2018 as Trump is planning to resolve the issues that created the “mess” in the first place. Firstly, to “beat the 60% filibuster threshold” more Republican senators may be elected in 2018. A more short term solution is to “change the rules now to 51%.”

But officials at the White House are now saying that the new budget deal is actually in favor of the Trump administration and that it’s the democrats that are pushing for a government shutdown.

Now whether or not a government shutdown is in the near future is totally in the hands of the Trump administration. But I would love to know if you folks think a government shutdown right now is a good idea. Let me know on Facebook or in the comments section below.

Source: Newser


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