Trump Creates Special Office To Serve Victims Of Immigration Crime

[Source: CNN]
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President Trump recently gave an address to congress, highlighting not just the hopes he has for rebuilding and unifying the country but also what he has already taken action on to make things right for American’s who’ve had their voices silenced.

Due to political correctness, many subjects have been off limits by politicians for fear of being attacked by the liberal media. One of these “banned” subjects is mentioning the violence illegal immigrants commit against Americans.

Early in his candidacy, President Trump learned this was a hot topic after receiving ruthless attacks by liberals for daring to factually state Mexican immigrants were murdering and raping Americans.

Since Trump’s election, many US citizens appear to now be taking him seriously—even if they still struggle to actually listen to what he says. Americans now have a leader willing to challenge political correctness—unfiltered.

To give a voice to families who have suffered from illegal-alien-committed crimes, Trump announced the creation of a new office—appropriately called VOICE.

“We must support the victims of crime. I have ordered the Department of Homeland Security to create an office to serve American victims. The office is called VOICE (Victims Of Immigration Crime Engagement). We are providing a voice to those who have been ignored by our media and silenced by special interests,” Trump said.

Trump continues to do well in polls. Seventy percent of Americans are even feeling optimistic since his address. Some on the other side of the aisle appear to be warming up to the president for the first time as well. The question still remains: will Democrats finally be willing to work with Trump?


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