Trump Delivered The Best Speech of His Political Career Thus Far

[Source: CNN]
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When President Trump delivered his recent speech to Congress, he didn’t just cover multiple topics, he pumped his words full of the lifeblood that has been lacking in the US for many years—some might call it an epic delivery.

[Video: courtesy of The White House]

While he retained a presidential composure, he spoke clearly and effectively, ensuring everyone (Congressional attendees and folks at home) could understand his plans. Trump’s goals were so optimistically and inclusively conveyed that even some of the mostly-quiet-throughout-the-speech Democrats stood up and participated in the rejoicing. (Common ground…pretty cool.)

His topics entailed a smorgasbord of anything a US citizen could (would) desire—you name it… There were even moments the president was finite in his plans—re: the “broken promises” of Obamacare. He confidently reaffirmed his border-control effort(s) and pondered how Democrats would communicate to an American that an illegal immigrant was the cause of job loss—or even the death of a loved one. More, he pontificated on education in terms of enabling families to have academic freedom for their children. He cited one particular tale about a woman in the audience—one of many minorities he pointed out to celebrate diversity (even Democrats loved it).

Safely the most collectively compelling segment was when President Trump paid homage to his guest whose husband was lost in an unfortunate-yet-successful raid on Yemen. Just about everyone stood in honor of Mrs. Carryn Owens and her fallen, Navy SEAL husband, Ryan Owens.

[Video Clip: courtesy of PBS NewsHour via WhiteHouse.Gov]

While Trump’s tasks are nothing small—his bullet points entailed immigration, foreign trade, tax cuts, ending the Affordable Care Act and strengthening the US military—he bridged topical gaps with words about American being equal, more just and successful (“great again”).

His speech was a perfect, full circle, as he opened with talk of “national pride” and a “surge of optimism” and included his big finish with saying, “I am asking everyone watching tonight to seize this moment and—believe in yourselves… Believe in your future. And believe, once more, in America.”

With all that in mind, it’s not a muted expectation that Congress carry out President Trump’s agendas for the US. The president and GOP congressional pillars in office have a responsibility to enact their words on behalf of the people who put them there—it’s their right…

However, President Trump did come into a messy situation but refused to contribute to the slush. His actions thus far have shown he’s a unique entity of our time. Much like Trump’s actions during his presidential campaign, the now-president is showing up for US citizens, taking his opponents’ negative energy and recycling it into a motivational force to rebuild.

[Source: CNN]
Nearly every time the Democrats doubt him, they’re proven wrong—with somewhat of a vengeance. Perhaps it’s more than just doubt—they might even fear Trump.

Ultimately, if February, Congressional Speech Trump is the same guy who goes to work every day, that guy will be a guiding force in reshaping politics as a whole—Democrats and Republicans.

President Trump’s a man who obviously isn’t letting ideologies and doctrines prevent him from accomplishing things for the North American people. Heck, union-backed Dems are transitioning to the president’s side due his vow to create well-paid employment—in addition to his non-partisan efforts to improve race and religion.

As Trump said, “The time for trivial things is over.”


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