Preparing For Possible North Korean Launch, Trump Invites All Senators Along With Secretary Of State, Defense, and the Director of National Intelligence, Dan Coats, to the White House

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The “North Korea situation” is getting more and more serious by the day. It has gotten so serious now that President Trump has called for a meeting in the White House inviting all 100 members of the senate and Secretary of State Rex Tillerson, Secretary of Defense, and Director of National Security, Dan Coats.

And just a couple of days ago President Trump phoned Chinese President Xi and Japanese President Abe to discuss matters pertaining to North Korea.

Now, we aren’t quite sure what the White House meeting is for and it could just be the Trump administration conducting some housekeeping. But this scheduled meeting comes just a few days after satellite imagery showed North Korea preparing for a nuclear test.

Obviously, Trump has shown that he can make decisions without the approval of congress but I’m guessing he is about to make a very big decision regarding North Korea and the approval of congress was probably seen as a good call.

And even though getting the approval of congress can take time in some instances we can at least commend President Trump for making an attempt. If you can recall, Barack Obama did absolutely nothing about North Korea and gave them all the space they needed to advance their nuclear weapons, which now puts the entire world at risk. Thanks a lot, Obama!

Source: In The Right Mind


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