Under Trump, Non-Felon Illegal-Alien Arrests Have Doubled

border [Source: Breitbart]
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Since President Donald Trump took office, the amount of non-felon, illegal-alien arrests have doubled. During his recent campaign for the presidency, Trump was outspoken on the subject of illegal aliens. He appears to be following through with what he promised his base—to get illegals out of the country.

Although it may be shocking to some for non-felon illegal aliens to be getting arrested, it’s important to remember these are individuals who are breaking the law for being in the United States illegally. While these immigrants may not be “felons,” they aren’t adhering to US laws.

In the first few weeks of the Trump administration, illegal-alien arrests went up 32.6 percent. Trump supporters expect an increase in the number of illegals being arrested and deported.

As reported, “There were 5,441 arrests of non-criminal aliens, more than double the total from last year, according to Fox News’ Adam Housley, who reported Monday that ‘ICE detainers—requests to local authorities to hold criminal aliens—are up 75 percent, to more than 22,000.’”

In a recent interview, “…Kelly made it clear that the definition of ‘criminal’ has not changed, ‘but where on the spectrum of criminality we operate has changed.’

In Housely’s report, Kelly said ICE agents may move to deport an individual with multiple DUI offenses—even though in the past, those individuals would have been “unlikely” to be deported.”

There have been reports of illegals making there way to Canada to avoid being deported back to Mexico. There are also reports that illegal aliens are no longer looking to collect benefits from the US in fear that they will be targeted for deportation.

By cutting off illegal “freeloaders,” Trump will save the US money—it will without a doubt aid in making “America great again.”



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