Trump Paid A Higher, Tax Rate Than Obama, Comcast And Bernie Sanders

[Photo: AFP/Getty Images/Nicholas Kamm]
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While everyone’s in a frenzy about President Trump’s 2005 tax return, it’s really not a big deal. Nobody was concerned about what Obama or anyone else paid in taxes—until now. The president paid more because he made more—that’s how it is for all of us. And if we can find loopholes that enable us to pay less, we do—nobody likes to pay taxes. (Ultimately, we all want to keep the money we earn.)

Nevertheless, let’s break all this down. We now know Trump’s 2015, tax rate was greater than President Obama’s in 2015 and Senator Bernie Sanders’s in 2014. Donald Trump was even in a higher-tax bracket than Com[mie]cast in terms of the company’s average, tax rate. (Let it be known the cable-television entity owns MSNBC, where Rachel Maddow works.)

[Source: Twitter/FOX & Friends]

Did Maddow put pre-segment thought into what she reported—maybe she just read what they gave her?

[Source: Twitter/Debrah]

[Source: Twitter/Deplorable Terry H]

[Source: Twitter/Tony Shaffer]

It seems the concern shifted—away from President Trump. How many pro-Sanders people are now pointing a finger at their beloved…?

[Source: Twitter/Mandy Sloan]

Hey, we’ve all told those stories that should’ve (could’ve) ended with “and then I found five bucks.” But those tales might not have aired on national television.

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The media should at least get an “E” for effort, no? Either way, nothing has stuck thus far… “Teflon Don” is the nickname some have given President Trump—and for good reasons too.


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