Trump Has Proven To Critics That He Isn’t A “Russian Puppet”

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It’s no secret that President Donald Trump’s candidacy (and his winning of the election) shook the entire nation. Trump’s enemies have called him virtually every name in the book–as any Republican candidate would have been. Looking back, it’s hard to imagine the mainstream media pushed a narrative that Trump was a Russian puppet; these same “haters” are now admitting their assumptions were wrong.

Trump a political outsider, and clearly not part of the establishment. It’s fair to say he was subject to an even higher level of scrutiny that Republicans are usually put through. And yet, in spite of the hefty accusations hoisted upon him, Trump has continued to defy expectations–especially through the first one-hundred days of his Presidency.

As reported, “In the first month of Trump’s presidency, there were legitimate concerns he would attempt a grand bargain with Russia. He boasted that it was an asset that Russian president Vladimir Putin liked him. And he went out of his way to spare Putin from the harsh criticism he reserved for just about everyone else.

But there has been no reset. In fact it’s fair to say that Trump has been much kinder to China, Russia’s traditional Asian rival. Trump ended any chance for the multilateral trade deal with China’s neighbors known as the Trans-Pacific Partnership. He dropped his threat to revisit the One-China Policy that requires the U.S. not to recognize Taiwan’s sovereignty. More recently, he has said he won’t pursue China for currency manipulation, and tells us he is pleased by China’s cooperation against North Korea during the current nuclear crisis.”

Trump’s actions continue to be a thorn in the side of democrats and the media, especially the ones who tried to label him as everything short of a Russian spy. By taking on Russia’s allies, he continues to shatter rumors previously made against him.



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