Trump-Reagan Comparisons Are SCARY—the Reason Why Is Not What You Think

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The playground behavior—this time with some slightly new cannon fodder (one being a Trump-Reagan juxtaposition). While the media finds this humorous, there’s actually some truth to such a comparison—both caught hell before and during their respective presidencies.

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Media attacks seem to have no end: the comparison of Trump to Hitler, the doubting his mental stability, the name calling—“fascist,” “modern-day Manchurian Candidate,” he a traitor (re: Russia), etc. But where’s the proof…?? These are all below-the-proverbial-belt attacks with no finite core—propaganda seemingly meant to sell spun-truth news. (Be an honest, ethical journalist, people! Or try your hand at fictional, political dramas.)

Other than than having a Trump-hating editor, what in the world would compel some journalists to write such petty words?

Some familiar outfits threw dirt at Reagan including The Sun featuring author Steven Hayward’s recall of the Reagan flack: “Democratic Rep. William Clay of Missouri charged that Reagan was trying to replace the Bill of Rights with fascist precepts lifted verbatim from Mein Kampf.” While the former president supposedly did this and other things, some saw him as unintelligent. When portraying any person of interest in a negative light, it might provoke some certifiably unstable folks to take action(s)—e.g., John Hinckley’s attempt at killing Reagan.

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[The attempted assassination of President Reagan. The Secret Service holding down Hinckley. | Circa 1981 | Photo: Dirck Halstead/Time Life Pictures/Getty Images]
These instances are not unlike what President Trump’s enduring. During his presidential campaign, The Washington Post released an article with “Donald Trump is a unique threat to American democracy” as the headline. The Hitler-fascist digs are perpetual. For the past, two weeks, Democratic legislators publicly alluded to President Trump struggling psychologically. According to The Hill[/caption], “A growing number of Democrats are openly questioning President Trump’s mental health. …. Jr.Senator Al Franken (D-Minn.), during a weekend interview with CNN’s ‘State of the Union,’ said ‘a few, Republican colleagues have expressed concern to him about Trump’s mental health.’”

Further, like Reagan, Trump’s both incompetent and a brilliant mastermind—and they’re suggesting he has syphilis! (What?)

Even NPR weighed in with stating, “At 70, Trump is the oldest American president to ever take office. Couple his age with a family history of dementia—his father, Fred, developed Alzheimer’s disease in his 80s—and one could argue that the question of baseline cognitive testing for the U.S. head of state has taken on new relevance.” (Apparently, after the first, few stones are cast, some folks suddenly feel a surge of bravery.)

[Video: courtesy of The Hill]

Thus far, these people/entities view the president as Machiavellian, a secret accomplice of Russia’s Vladimir Putin and a guy suffering from psychological disorders. There’s also The New York Times featuring Nicholas Kristof’s piece:

[Source: The New York Times | Columnist: Nicholas Kristof]
During the week of February 20th, a Florida junior-high kid was arrested for hitting presidential motorcade with a projected, wooden block—he disclosed four, additional accomplices.

Talking trash is one thing, but where are the mature, role models imparting civilized behavior onto the youth? It seems the adults are more about encouraging immaturity. More, the Obama-linked OFA continues on.

Additionally, Hillary Clinton’s still on the scene:

[Source: Twitter/TheDemocrats]

And it just keeps snowballing at a dangerous momentum—for everyone.


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