Trump Says US Not Going Into Syria

Donald Trump [Source: NY Post]
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Trump recently had a phone interview with the NY Post and said that the US is not going into Syria. It is a relieving stance after recent military escalation, to what many believe could have ended with a new world war. It is too early to take war out of the equation, but currently it’s safe to say that the President doesn’t expect to go into Syria–according to his own words.

Trump, while speaking about recent US actions against Syria, said that the we could have hit more targets, and that the airfield the US did strike was an “appropriate first target.”

The President said that he hopes that Assad won’t gas anyone else, but also acknowledged that Russia and the US aren’t currently on the same “wavelength” about the situation in Syria. Trump isn’t sure is Putin is going to stop supporting Assad, even though he is–as Trump puts it–a “barbarian.”

As reported, “The president, speaking by phone Tuesday, called Syrian President Bashar al-Assad a “butcher” and a “barbarian” for using sarin gas on his own people, but said last week’s successful missile strike was not the start of a campaign to oust the dictator.”

“Our big mission is getting rid of ISIS,” Trump said. “That’s where it’s always been. But when you see kids choking to death, you watch their lungs burning out, we had to hit him and hit him hard.”

He called the attack, which involved 59 cruise missiles fired from two Navy destroyers, “an act of humanity.”

As more countries support Trump’s recent Syrian attack, will Putin eventually come around to bring support to outing a dictator that gases innocent children? For now, Trump believes the US isn’t going into Syria–but that can quickly change.



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