Trump’s Approval Rating On The Rise

[Source: Paul Vernon/AFP/Getty Images]
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While the liberal media loves to hate on Trump, its starting to look like their bias against him is losing its charm. President Trump’s approval rating is on the rise, no matter how hard they try to take him down—and he’s even gaining more favor with Hispanics and union members. In fact, statistics show his approval has rebounded up to 45 percent.

Are more people waking up and realizing Trump isn’t the bad guy the liberal media’s made him out to be?

Survey data from Zogby Analytics reportedly shows that Trump is making the greatest gains in approval among voters from the Western region, union households and Hispanics.

According to the recent poll, Trump’s approval among Hispanics has grown from just 11 percent to 42 percent—no doubt, his most dramatic increase. When it comes to union voters, President Trump has also been gaining ground, surging up from 43 percent approval to 51 percent. He also scored a 10 percent increase in approval among voters in the West.

The Zogby Analytics data also shows that Trump has been surging in popularity among Republicans and married voters. The pol”The president’s approval rating has rebounded somewhat since our July poll. Following a series of disastrous weeks, Trump’s approval numbers have moved up slightly, especially among his base and a few other sub-groups not known for their support of the president.”

Men in particular tend to favor Trump, though you could probably say that of most conservative or Republican politicians. Some 49 percent of men approve of Trump, while 48 percent do not. The president is not quite as favorable among women, with just 40 percent approving and 53 percent disapproving.

Will Trump’s approval rating continue to soar? It certainly looks like he’s on the up-and-up.


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