COVER-UP: UC Berkeley, Local Officials Were Warned Prior To Recent Protest

UC Berkeley [Source: ABC7 News]
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Just over a month ago, UC Berkeley made international headlines for the supposedly unprecedented violence that happened on their campus. The riots were aimed at featured speaker Milo Yiannopoulos and would eventually cause roughly $100,000 in damage to the campus.

Yiannopoulos is a pro-Trump provocateur—a household name in the right-wing movement. At the time of the protests, he was Breitbart’s senior editor. He’s also a gay, Jewish immigrant. His non-traditional identity is what sets him apart from other voices in the right-wing movement. According to the left, his cultural makeup doesn’t fit the narrative—i.e., the right is  supposedly against gays, Jews and immigrants.

UC Berkeley and city officials were warned of potential, large protests

At the time, UC Berkeley publicly stated they had no idea such massive protests could have happened—that the whole situation took them entirely by surprise. Now, in an exclusive article by Heat Street, it has been discovered the statement was part of a cover-up. The protests could have been avoided but weren’t due to the negligence of UC Berkeley and city officials.

“…emails between the college and officials with the city of Berkeley’s Mayoral Office seem to contradict that notion. The emails, acquired by Heat Street through the California Public Records Act, show that UC Berkeley had actually written to city officials in the days leading up to the event warning about the possibility of large numbers of “off campus protesters” and the potential for the protests to “spill over into adjacent streets and neighborhood.”


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