Unpopular Globalist Angela Merkel To Meet With President Trump

Angela Merkel [Source: ZeroHedge]
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It was only a matter of time before President Trump would find himself face-to-face with German Chancellor Angela Merkel. It isn’t going to be the best meeting—they’ve taken swipes at each other even before Trump was in office. These leaders have absolutely nothing in common; Merkel is a champion for globalism and is arguably Europe’s most pro-immigrant official.

Merkel’s insane stances are as far away from Trump’s ideologies as you can get. Unfortunately, the German people have learned the hard way about what happens when you let unvetted, violent people into your country.

Angela Merkel won’t win re-election

As Chancellor Merkel continues to lose popularity among her people, she has changed some of her stances in an effort to sympathize with native Germans. appear less for migrants and more for native Germans. She famously proposed a full-face-veil ban, but it may be too late for her to salvage enough support to maintain office. It has been reported that if the elections in Germany were held just a month ago, she would have lost.

“Donald Trump has previously blamed Mrs. Merkel for damaging her own country beyond repair, adding Germans thought it was the ‘greatest place on Earth’ two years ago but is now a ‘sad, sad shame.’ But Mrs. Merkel was quick to snub the president, saying she would not respond to his comments about her open-door migration policy until he took office.”

Merkel came out recently against Trump, saying his policies targeted people of a “…specific background or faith…” It’s safe to say that the meeting will be one for the ages.


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