Venezuela Is Literally In Hell Right Now.

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Venezuela is in such a bad state right now that many people are describing the country as the physical manifestation of hell on earth. And the sad thing about it is that it doesn’t seem to be in the process of getting any better, anytime soon.

This past Saturday during a protest in Caracas one 21-year-old was set on fire, receiving burns over 80% of his body. And as I write this, the known death toll from the protests is 48.

But, the reason for the protests, though violent, is actually in favor of making a better Venezuela. With high inflation, crazy food shortages and a relentless crime situation, all that the people of Venezuela want right now is the opportunity to vote out Maduro before the next election in late 2018.

I’m not an expert on Venezuela and there could be a million reasons why they are in hell today but I think that it’s very clear that a sh**ty government plays a big role in the mess — and socialism, let’s not forget socialism. I mean, how can a country have 300 billion barrels of crude oil reserves and still be struggling so much.

A CBC analysts stated that: “Even at reduced current world prices, back-of-the-envelope calculations show that oil wealth alone should make all Venezuelan families US dollar millionaires.”

But with all that oil, the Venezuelan government decided to put everything into the sector and with that came a huge lack of diversity in investments and talent. Venezuela should have invested their oil money into other sectors (agriculture and food production might have been a good idea, given the current situation).

Donald Trump has commented on the situation in Venezuela describing it as “disgrace to humanity.”

But Maduro responded to Trump by saying “Get your pig hands out of here!”

Maybe Maduro shouldn’t be too quick to judge other world leaders when his country is clearly in a mess.

Fix your mess, Maduro!! OR GET OUT THE WAY!

Source: Newser


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