War Expected With North Korea

kim jong-un [Source: The Sun]
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War is expected between North Korea and the United States due to the inability of North Korea’s “Supreme Leader” Kim Jong-un to back down from doing missile tests in the region. His constant threats toward the US—which include rhetoric involving nuclear attacks—isn’t sitting well with President Trump. The madman from the secluded nation is said to be ready to go to war; his threats must be taken seriously.

Trump is said to have offered to take a trade war with China off the table if the nation is willing to help with North Korea. The Chinese seem to be optioning the offer after deploying 150,000 troops to the border of North Korea.

Even after the threats of retaliation, it appears North Korea is continuing with their dangerous rhetoric. Many believe it’s because Kim Jong-un has to save face. Just how far is he willing to go?

As reported, “Washington believes China is its trump card in dealing with Kim Jong-un. If the US and China act in tandem—one wielding the big military stick, the other threatening to cut fuel and food supplies—surely North Korea would have to give ground and denuclearise?

But President Xi sees things differently because he is closer to the crisis. Conflict on the Korean Peninsula would have huge repercussions for China as well as for US allies, South Korea, and Japan, drawing these countries in militarily, and triggering a flood of refugees.

Why else would the normally soft-spoken Chinese foreign minister, Wang Yi, have raised his voice in alarm yesterday, warning that war could ‘break out at any moment’ and urging all parties to stop before reaching an ‘irreversible and unmanageable stage’”

It’s safe to say not only is war expected with North Korea, but nuclear war in particular. The country has everything from chemical weapons to nuclear bombs and ballistic missiles. A “bloodbath” could be expected for anyone within range of an attack from North Korea.




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