Wealthy Socialist Bernie Sanders, AGAIN, Fails To File Senate-Ethics Financial Disclosures On Time

[Senator Sanders | Photo: John Locher/AP]
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While so many have and are still giving President Trump grief over his tax forms, Socialist and Vermont-native Senator Bernie Sanders still struggles to be punctual in terms of handing over mandatory, personal-earnings statements. The deadline was May 15 for relinquishing his 2016 finances, but he just didn’t do as required.

[Senator Bernie Sanders | Photo: Carlo Allegri/Reuters]
Like the other 100 senators, Sanders must specifically document and avail his fiscal debts and belongings annually to the US Senate Select Committee on Ethics—even gifts and gratis travel in their personal lives.

While Sanders pushed for federal transparency amid the 2016 election, he himself dismissed Senate Ethics Committee’s fiscal-mandate deadlines—for 2012, 2014 and 2015. Due to his negligence, Sanders has been punctually, ethically adherent only 20 percent of a five-year span.

These submission mandates have been Senate practice since 1978—re: Ethics in Government Act. Sanders’s Vermont counterpart, Senator Patrick Leahy (D-VT), has been on top of said mandates—from 2012 and on (no, extension request).

However, they gave Sanders a 20-day extension for his 2016 fiscal disclosures—he has until June 4th, 2017. As per the Senate, all senators are allotted up-to-90-day windows beyond the original deadlines.

[“Hot-Seat” Sanders | Photo: Justin Sullivan/Getty Images]
In summer 2016, in what was seemingly an attempt to skirt Federal Election Commission bylaws, Sanders put it in for and received three 45-day extensions. However, recall he ultimately left the election and thus was no longer under US Senate mandates—how convenient.

“Sanders expertly exploited a system that effectively allowed him to delay, delay, delay,” The Center of Public Integrity availed following an arduous August-2016 look into Sanders’ background. Simultaneously, Sanders was all over Hillary Clinton regarding her “six-figure paydays” that entailed “closed-door speeches to officials at investment-bank Goldman Sachs and other powerful special interests.”

But amid his presidential effort, Sanders kept his tax-return skeletons in the proverbial closet—only a portion of his 2014 taxes were known. According to 2015 Senate Ethics Committee information, Bernie & Jane are far from financial crisis—the socialist, Monopoly Guy (if that’s even possible).

The Sanders’ 30-plus mutual-fund investments are equivalent to somewhere between $191,000 and $815,000—but they’re all in Jane’s name (nice).

[Sanders Swag | Photo: Adrees Latif/Reuters]
More, The Sanders gifted themselves a $600,000 house on the water—we’re talking a four bedroom Lake Champlain situation surrounded by 500 feet of beach… That respective slice of Heaven’s in addition to their Burlington (VT) property and a Capitol Hill row house in DC. …definitely a closet Monopoly Guy. The Sanders are tri-home owners—but they’re all about financial equality, right?

Just as Bernie’s in the hot seat, the Justice Department and FBI have been looming over Jane regarding her crookedness with Burlington College.

Similar to her husband, Jane Sanders did a cut and run on September 26, 2011—not even a full year upon the Burlington College incident. Mrs. Sanders still owed the college two years of presidential service—oh, well… Many may recall the severance deal her lawyers obtained for her from the college–$200,000…! It seems The Sanders are swimming in it while barking otherwise.


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