White House: If Hillary Had Won, She Would Have Fired Comey Immediately and Democrats Would Have Danced in The Street

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So, the Democrats aren’t happy that President Trump fired FBI Director James Comey.

Why, aren’t they happy?

Democrats can list you a million reasons why but I can tell you the reason why, and it’s obvious — It’s because the decision was made by Trump. If Hillary Clinton had made the same decision the Democrats would have been in celebratory mode, calling Comey a liar.

Remember when the Democrats accused Comey of defaming Clinton. Yeah, they wanted Comey gone so why aren’t they happy that he’s gone. Because the democrats are hypocrites to the highest degree — that’s why!

Deputy Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders said it perfectly on Tuesday evening: “If Hillary Clinton had won the election, and thank God she didn’t, but if she had she would have fired Comey immediately and the very Democrats criticizing the President today would be dancing in the streets celebrating.”

The democrats only wanted Comey gone because it was convenient to Hillary Clinton’s election progress. But now that Hillary Clinton is a non-factor, they are back on Comey’s side. Like, can the democrats make up their minds on anything? Do they like Comey or don’t like Comey. Based on their response to him during his investigation into Hillary Clinton it’s clear that they don’t like him. But the democratic party is full of a bunch of confused-hypocrites who only care about themselves, so let’s all come to the conclusion that the opinions of democrats simply don’t matter.

Source: Town Hall


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