WikiLeaks: 99 Percent Of CIA Documents Not Yet Released

wikileaks [Source: CNN]
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The CIA is on the search for the next Edward Snowden. Recently, WikiLeaks began releasing what is known as “Vault 7,” which is a massive, document dump on secret information taken from the inner workings of the CIA.

There has already been a cornucopia of documents highlighting the agency’s shocking abilities at manipulating the personal devices of millions across the United States. If you have a computer, smart phone or television, the CIA could very well be recording you.

As the documents are sorted through by media companies across the nation (around the clock), more troubling information is being written by the hour.

One popular document has mentioned the CIA’s ability to take control over someone’s vehicle—this has been a major issue. It is very possible the CIA has used this untraceable method to assassinate people.

As horrific as these revelations are, it appears that WikiLeaks has released only one percent of the documents. We apparently are just seeing the “tip of the iceberg.”

“Less than one percent of WikiLeaks’ CIA files were released in yesterday’s document dump, the anti-secrecy organization claimed Wednesday.

WikiLeaks has already indicated that its cache of stolen CIA files, which the group is calling ‘Vault 7,’ will be dripped out over a series of releases.”

With the thus-far-released documents already causing a media storm, it leaves one to wonder just how more incriminating information will be coming out in the remaining 99 percent.


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