WINNING: AT&T To ‘Re-source’ Jobs Back To The United States

AT&T back to US Trump [Source: Politico]
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Outsourcing American jobs overseas has been a common practice by large corporations for many years.  It has crippled countless, small towns while destroying opportunities for many citizens. Under Trump, businesses are slowly coming back—one being AT&T.

Since Trump’s election, the stock market has hit an all time high. More people are optimistic about the countries future than in years past—the winning just doesn’t seem to end. Even before he took office, Trump was already being credited with bringing jobs back to the US.

The struggles associated with outsourcing helped aid in Trump’s election to the presidency. And he continues to fuel US employment as his term progresses.

AT&T appears to have reached an agreement with employee-union-representative Communication Workers of America across multiple, southern states. This agreement will lead to the hiring of 3,000 workers. These jobs were previously being done overseas, which makes the move most likely tied to Trump’s new business-friendly administration.

“The union representing AT&T workers in five southern states announced on Thursday that it had reached a tentative agreement with AT&T Southwest that includes a promise to hire 3,000 American workers to do jobs previously done overseas.

It’s a four-year deal that includes wage increases, paid parental leave and sweetened, healthcare benefits for some 20,000 AT&T workers. It’ll become effective after the union membership approves it.”

It’s ironic that a union announced the tentative agreement with AT&T—they aren’t historically known to be business friendly. This may be a small preview of just how many jobs Trump’s over-regulation-and-taxes war will create.


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