“Witches” Hoping to Have Trump Impeached Gather to Put Hex on Him

witch [Source: YouTube]
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An event held in Balboa Park, California was anything but normal this past April Fools Day. The event, called “Fire the Fool San Diego!”, saw a handful of participants get together — whose style resembled the “Wicked Witch of the West” from the Wizard of Oz — to put a hex on the President. The point of the hex? To have President Trump impeached.

The “witches” wore green paint on their faces, had brooms and even a cauldron — which they reportedly danced around. They also marched around the park while chanting, “Trump is a fool, Trump is a clown, we are here to shut him down.”

The event isn’t the first time self-proclaimed “witches” have gathered against Donald Trump. Just this past February individuals from around the world gathered to also put a spell on the President in hopes of stopping him from “doing harm,” and to possibly “banish him from office.”

As reported by News 10, “One participant held up a sign that read, “I hex DT to protect America.” Another wore a red “Make America Native Again” hat.

“It’s incredible that anyone could be so stupid as to do so many things that are hurtful to the American people,” Mary Lou Finley said.

The event was organized by Ground Zero Players and required participants to attend a rehearsal and “witch curtain call.”

Surprisingly, the President’s controversial immigration ban would most likely support the religious freedom of those protesting against him — by blocking radical Muslims from entering the country. The terrorists President Trump is trying to save us from would most likely put the “witches” to death for their beliefs. Should they really be working to get Trump impeached?


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